Multi-art Space

Since September 2008, Marilena Patronikola's Multi-Art Space opened it's doors right next to the Showroom-School at 26-28 Drakou Street in Athens. Various courses unrelated to porcelain painting will take place, as well as expos, etc.

1. Fine bookbinding classes

A. Beginners' Cycle

- Making a notebook / photo album / More info >>
- Cased-in Binding (Hardback cloth bookbinding) / More info >>
- Protection devices and archival boxes / More info >>

B. Advanced Cycle

- Laced-in binding / leather bound / More info >>

C. Specialised Seminars' Cycle

- Special binding creations / More info >>
- Goldtooling  and decoration techniques / More info >>
- Marbling technique / More info >>
- Basic book conservation techniques / More info >>

2. Porcelain Dolls

A. Basic (learner's) Cycle:

Learning to make a baby with closed eyes (55cm. long) with three porcelain limbs in 3, three-hour long courses (evenings 18.00-21.00, mornings 10.30-13.30).

The course costs 282 Euros and includes necessary materials except clothing (because of its size, real new-born clothing can be used). Firing cost is not included (three firings).

B. Learner's Cycle:

a. Learning to make a baby with opened eyes (55cm. long) with five porcelain limbs (skeleton ligaments).

b. Making of a doll (40 cm. High) with 6 porcelain limbs (elastic ligaments).

The course costs 956 Euros, is paid in instalments and includes necessary materials except clothing and firing (four firings).

Maximum participation for Porcelain Dolls' courses: 8 people

2. Faux Bijoux – Trash-Art

Learn how to make jewellery and other ornaments by using cheap, recycled materials and unusual techniques.

Courses' duration: mid-September to end of June

Two-hour long courses, mornings or evenings

The cost is 22 Euros per course. Minimum participation per course 4 people.


3. Sketching courses

Learning how to sketch with pencil/charcoal (on paper) in 10 3-hour long classes, once a week.

The course costs 400 Euros, paid in instalments.

ATTENTION: Due to limited space, pre-reservation of place costs 50 Euros and is necessary for the courses of the Mutli-Art Space (subtracted by the total cost of the course).

Apart courses detailed above, Multi-Art Space proposes:

• Macramé classes

• Fajum technique

• Gospel, byzantine, Egyptian manuscript copying

• Wear lookalike techniques for wood – paper – metal

• Calligraphy

Arranged upon interest on a first-come, first-serve basis.