Marilena Patronicola teaches herself the basic course cycle, whose purpose is to teach the classic way of porcelain painting on top of the glazing. The topics include:

  • Short retrospective on the history of porcelain painting
  • The colours and their categories
  • Preparing, cleaning, and partitioning the object
  • Special method of colour preparation
  • Handling and cleaning the brushes
  • The first strokes
  • Small flowers
  • Pen - special colour preparation
  • Gold - platinum
  • Programming and milestones in porcelain painting
  • Straight borders - stripes
  • Backgrounds (painted surfaces)
  • Camaieu: depiction realized in a singular colour
  • Transfers (decalques)
  • KILN - basic instructions for firing

The basic course cycle duration is three months, in twelve 3-hour courses, one per week in a morning course 10.30 to 13.30 or an evening course 18.00 to 21.00, according to availability and prior agreement. Maximum participation per cycle is 7 persons. At each cycle's end, students get a certification of studies.

The cost of the basic course cycle (12 courses) is 750 Euros and includes:

  • Personal kit box with colours, mediums, brushes
  • Photocopies, printed course matter
  • White porcelain objects for the course's purpose
  • Firing of the decorated porcelain objects during the course cycle but also for three months after completion of the basic course cycle (no charge)

The cycle's duration is: October to December, January to March, and April to June.

Please note that Marilena Patronicolas can also teach the course in English or French, after prior agreement.


After having completed the basic course cycle, students that wish to, can participate in one or more "repetitive" courses on evenings from 18.00 to 21.00 where they can:

  • Remember or repeat parts of interest of the basic course cycle, discuss in general and get advice on solving technical and artistic matters concerning porcelain painting
  • Learn modern techniques in porcelain painting (i.e. Kratz oil)
  • Learn how to paint handmade porcelain jewellery *NEW*

The cost per course is 30 Euros and does not include materials and firing.

Repetitive courses take place between September and July each year